Blogging, a Continued Legacy

My Daddy instilled the basics of good journalism in me long before English class in school. As the editor of a small-town newspaper, family-owned for three generations, it’s possible that he passed it to me by osmosis, rather than any specific training. 
As was typical of his position back in the 50’s, he wrote, he edited, he fixed the equipment when the presses broke down, he photographed fireworks on July 4th and fires in the middle of the night (and sometimes helped put them out, too). He was constantly scraping the printers ink out from under his fingernails with his pocketknife.
This he did from after his return from Europe in WWII until he was almost 50. From my vantage point now, a bit beyond that age myself, I ponder what caused him to want to make such a radical life change? Of course, I have my theories–a mid-life crisis, perhaps, plus early onset of dementia? Perhaps he realized his thinking to be no longer clear or dependable – it declined steadily until his death in 2005. Much in the same way as his father’s before him. 
Only recently did a physician point out to me that a toxic environment was likely the common factor, as all the type for newspapers then contained lead. My grandfather heaved the large silver bars onto his Linotype machine and sparks and slivers flew and fell all about that area. He let me sit in his lap and type when he was caught up with the ‘news’. 
To my father’s credit, he did inquire of me at sixteen, if I thought I had any interest in continuing the family business. At that age, I could not fathom spending the rest of my life in that small town; and besides I was only interested in ART. Noisy presses and the accompanying grime of newsprint did not fit my idea of beauty. 

Now, I understand more clearly my wide range of interests, my life-long love affair with the camera, reading, magazines, all things graphic, perhaps even the great appeal blogging holds for me! Daddy, or Papa, as he became known after grandchildren, lived to see the beginning of the digital age and it’s every aspect fascinated him, just as had all the equipment he maintained and was forever upgrading throughout the years. Unfortunately, by the time he owned a computer, his brain was almost completely unable to process its operation. We would hear him cursing the computer’s inept stupidity and lack of cooperation. I’m sure Daddy is somewhere, proud and supportive as I write. 
So, Papa, this blog’s  for you!

3 comments on “Blogging, a Continued Legacy”

  1. Brought a little tear to my eye…

  2. Now I get the connection – you come by your writing ability both naturally, and, of course, from your neverending quest for knowledge and truth, the reading and thought you put into these subjects. I am amazed at how well you write, but must say I’m not surprised.

    Hope to catch up with you soon.

  3. Laura…it DOES tie altogether…for you and now for me. I see the thread. I had forgotten about the newspaper. No wonder you write so well. It’s in your genes. Cool!

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