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Jul 14 2008

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Focal Length:26mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

Deb Paradise began her art career exploring creative photographic processes—eventually redirecting her energies into her current work with clay. Her hand-built sculptures reflect themes of inner exploration that manifest as vessels, bowls, mandalas, animal spirits and totems. Choosing porcelain as her medium gives her work a higher vibration and the pure white smooth clay sets off the varied floral shapes and elements in hued glazes which are applied, as shown in photo, before firing in her kiln.

The series most readily identified with her style in local galleries and art shows is her ‘Women’s Cross’ or ‘Flower Girls’ plaque which hang on the wall and emanate a distinctive feminine imagery.
“Flowers are magical,” Deb says. “They teach us about the cycle of life, about detachment. They inspire poetry and music. Without needing the permission of any person, they bloom—thus fulfilling their purpose.” Flowers in vases or plants indoors absorb negativity and promote healing both through their essence and color.

For a unique and affordable wedding present, note her series of small clay structures called ‘Blessings Houses.’ These symbolically house positive vibrations within the home. Deb gives purposeful attention to each window and door, roof and chimney. The combined individual elements together represent an energy that is identified and stamped into the clay as a specific word. Harmony, wealth, prosperity, love, grace, joy, sanctuary, connection are a few examples. Each of Deb’s creations receives a personal blessing before it leaves her home studio.

Another of Deb’s unique clay vessels first appeared in her mind in the middle of the night—a prime time for inspiration for many artists. The ‘Canteen’ or ‘Water Purse’ is a small, stylized container representing the essential element of water that honors its presence in your home. In feng shui terms, water represents purification and promotes the flow of prosperity.

Just out of the kiln in Deb’s studio are new, larger sculptures which stand three feet tall and are built over an armature. These are assembled and fired in one piece, a challenging demand. The first two of the series incorporate natural-themed elements such as sea creatures and shells. Pictured is ‘Birth of a Mermaid.’

Most artists pass through times when they need new inspiration or direction for their expression. Deb uses the process of transformational painting to move herself through such periods. By turning to a different medium, paint and brush, sometimes using her hands in direct contact with the materials, she is able to bypass rationality and deliberately access the unconscious. This is a freeing technique that can help move the artist in new directions and beyond creative blockage.

Deb’s work is sold locally at the very diverse gallery, Four Seasons Antiques, Art & Botanicals, now located at 2910 18th Street S. in Homewood. For a further look at the work mentioned and more details about her creative expression, see:

Photo Essay © Laura Brookhart 2008


2 comments on “Deb Paradise Explores”

  1. I love that in our little spot of land on the map, we have such a talented group of artists, musicians, explorers, and entrepreneurs. Thanks for bringing them to our attention with your writing!

  2. I personally own one of Deb’s mandalas and it’s showcased over my fireplace…it’s a stunning piece that is very dear to my heart. Her artwork is very powerful – the piece(s) right for you find their way to you. I encourage anyone reading this to seek out Deb’s pieces and experience the blessings.

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