Phyllis Thomas Gibson, Creator of Soulful Images

By: qwerty53

Aug 05 2008

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

Most often appreciators of Phyllis Thomas Gibson’s paintings tell her that they are ‘drawn in by the eyes’ of the expressive figures on her canvases. From the soulful expression of three boldly stroked cats in an older painting, “The Three Tenors,” to the more recent series of elongated figures whose bodies are almost translucently abstract and features are ethereally absent, one still first focuses on the faces.

The daughter of a mother who painted and enjoyed needlework, Phyllis has held brush to canvas for more than a half century. Her most recognizable works begin with an expressive figure, usually female, and a color scheme in her mind. From there, certain decorative motifs are explored to express the personality of the figure and “animals, candles and architectural elements” reappear in variations within each scene.

Phyllis says that she is “always looking within to reflect and express peace,” as well as to “capture a certain element of mystery” in her compositions. Thematically, this intention has led many of her figures to be interpreted as angels, a decidedly popular subject with many Alabama art collectors. “People tell me that a sense of peace comes over them as they look at these paintings.” She is also a collector and creator of nativity scenes.

She also explores the figural and angelic form in porcelain in her basement clay studio, and creates vase forms with applied floral embellishments. As part of Artists, Inc., a co-op gallery, she spends one day each month at the gallery located on 3365 Morgan Drive in Vestavia Hills. Her small canvas (5”x5”) paintings which feature gilt embellishment or encaustic technique have also appeared on Christmas cards for the gallery. Her work may also be found at Four Seasons Antiques, Art & Antiques & Botanicals, newly relocated in Homewood at 2910 18th Street South.

For more Gibson images, see:

Article & Photos Copyright 2008 by Laura Brookhart


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