Another Rare Elvis Sighting

Heads turned when the caped figure slipped in through the back door; Elvis had entered the building!

Shall I mention that his cape was a standard white bed sheet which had been embellished with magic markers? None of the audience gathered at Chandler Health & Rehab seemed to mind. With a toss of his head and a sneer on his handsome side-burned enhanced face, it was clear that the spirit of Elvis lived again!

It was Blue Hawaii throughout the packed activity room complete with a view of the ocean and palm trees and fruity refreshments of pineapple and maraschino cherries, cheese & crackers and, of course, de rigueur blue punch adorned with festive paper parasols!

The staff was sporting hula skirts and leis were flying through the air and a-twirling around necks and Elvis’s generosity knew no bounds. He agilely tossed a plethora of colorful bears to audience members while simultaneously lip-syncing Hound Dog!

As Elvis high-stepped gracefully throughout the mass of wheelchairs, I completely failed to recognize him as Rick, the Physical Therapy Coordinator, to whom I had recently been introduced. As it turned out, the hired impersonator did not show—how rude—and fortunately mild-mannered Rick, who is more often seen handing his therapy dogs into a waiting lap, was game. This was my mother’s second week living at Chandler and her wonderful CNA, Patsy, had been insistent that mother be rolled down to join the fun that day.

It was an alien atmosphere in many ways for me. How often do any of us, outside the hard-working staff, spend extended time hanging around nursing homes? Or maybe I am naive about the amount of time friends and relatives of those requiring nursing home care really spend with them. I have observed some very dedicated families present on a daily basis at Chandler, yet, bottom  line—we all still get to head home afterward.

So this brief visit with my camera was
thought-provoking and
eye-opening in many ways.
I share (by permission) several of the photos taken that day.


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