Tiaras and Top Hats

My New Year’s Eve afternoon was unexpectedly and delightfully entertaining!

Arriving on my daily sojourn to visit Mama-dearest at her new home, I found her waiting on pins and needles to be wheeled down to activities for spa and nail treatment. When we rolled in, I realized she had misread the calendar and though we were not properly attired, we were warmly welcomed in for the ‘Happy 2009 Pajama Party.’

The activity directors were setting the style—Pretty In Pink, Passionate About Polka-Dots and Betty Boop were all shuffling about in fuzzy house slippers distributing bubbly cider into petite champagne glasses and passing around triangle tea sandwiches.

We were a bit late and every head was already adorned with either a colorful top hat or a glitter-embellished tiara proclaiming HAPPYNEWYEAR. Mumsy was first given a tiara, but when Passionate About Polka-Dots procured a fine purple hat, she brought it right over to her and I inherited the tiara. By this time I was kicking myself quite hard for not having brought my camera to this event—but the pictures might have been blurry, given how hard I was laughing most of the time.

Especially after the music began. We had a cha-cha demo by guests, then Pretty In Pink joined in with some bunny hop movements as well as a few other gyrations. “Honey,” I told her later, “you’ve got the moves!” “Well,” she noted, “at least we all kept our clothes on!”

One lady, mischievious brown eyes alight, suddenly held up her champagne glass and shouted, “Have all of you made your New Year revolutions?” “Well, I have,” she continued, “and I am going to be nicer to all y’all this year!”

I watched how different songs brought out new expressions of personality in residents who maybe mostly sit quietly in their wheelchairs. One gentleman, usually parked in the hall in silence, literally started bouncing when “Peggy Sue” came on. He knew every word! (This is the same gentleman who proudly showed me his new packet of six combs at Christmas.)

Frequently my attention was drawn to another resident that I, not unkindly, mentally labeled ‘Miss Piggy’ as she demanded another drink, another sandwich, another hat, another tiara, yet another hat. “I’m going to be greedy!” she pronounced, as she took the last hat off Passionate About Polka-Dots head and added it to her cache.

Her performance was temporarily interrupted as a giant man, whom I immediately dubbed Hagrid, lumbered in and took the spot next to her. Smiling amiably upon receiving his goodies, he settled in to enjoy the festivities. About that time, a booming voice began “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. I keep my eyes wide open all the time . . .”

Hagrid, obviously a Johnny Cash fan of long-standing, turned to Miss Piggy and looking deeply into her surprised eyes, proclaimed “because you’re mine, I walk the line.”

This is about the point where I began thinking, “Camera, shemamra, I need a live video of this!”
Sorry, but all I have is this charming day-after photo of Mumsy, proud (as always) in purple.


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