One of Old Town’s most enduring merchants, Lora Lunsford, surrounds herself with a blast of colorful beads, loops of lustrous gemstones, chunks of turquoise and malachite, coral and crystals plus two cats, Rufus and Bear, and one very energetic puggle named Rocket.

This riot of color and texture is nested within walls painted her signature shade of purple which Lora confides “makes people want to spend money!” An excellent concept for any entrepreneur and the beads themselves exude an energy of “come and touch me” which is undeniable. I spent a few minutes there recently with my camera and allowed myself to fall  under the spell of the rainbow hues.

“Beads never go out of style,” Lora notes. “One of the first things I tell my customers is that you are going to go home and cut up all your old jewelry. You are going to pick out the parts you love best and bring them back in and rework them into something new.”

I had already had this thought, with some of my mother’s costume jewelry in mind. Meanwhile, I saw great potential  for creating what is currently my favorite digital playtime, creating fabric and quilts inspired from photos of very un-quilt-like objects. For a gallery of those images:

Lora is planning a warm-weather pajama party/beading event and meanwhile classes and workshops are ongoing.


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