Mayberry-esque Are We

By: qwerty53

Jul 06 2009

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D50

Though the memory is already cloudy, it must have been around the 4th of July when we moved into our home on Pecan Lane, as I do know how surprised we were to be able to stand out in our driveway and have an awesome front row seat for the fireworks. So we haven’t bothered straying much further on the 4th in years since, but the first official day-long Helena 4th of July To-Do had me venturing out at 6am to help set up the Farmer’s Market tents and shuffling home around 10pm after the fireworks. With about 500 new photos to process.

And, I had a really fun & entertaining day! I used to be a snob about small town festivities, having grown up in one myself and just hating things like the pitiful Christmas parade (which depressed me to tears). Even the year I helped construct a  huge elephant for the Republican float – a chicken-wire frame stuffed with gazillions of purple tissue squares – was not all that uplifting to my starved creative spirit.

But put me behind the camera and life seems infinitely more interesting. And since my Helena friends are of more recent vintage; i.e. haven’t known them since the cradle, I find myself quite fascinated with how the personality of our small town is reflected at public events.

Major Dundee created a full afternoon of games of simple pleasure. Toss the Moon Pie into a bucket; win a chance at $50 in shiney gold, genuine American dollars. The kid who won actually hit the bucket all three times on his turn and so there was something just and wonderful in his winning! The faces of his friends when they saw the bag of gold coins made a wonderful capture.

Any game involving watermelons is a given success; no one wanted to stop racing! One boy was hardly as big as the melon he carried but all watermelons remained intact.

The Scouts raised American flags in a late-afternoon ceremony; one sang the National Anthem a cappella; the local church bell choir performed and sang and it was not until the first band came onstage that I settled down gratefully into a borrowed chair. (Thank you, Hal!)

Surprisingly enough, I was familiar with the songs that Desert Rose performed — that being my own current criteria for a “great band” — and since I haven’t paid much attention to music since the late, great sixties and seventies, it’s a limiting standard.

Desert Rose made me think Fleetwood Mac had come to Helena and after Michael arrived to listen with me (and brought me a lovely mug of white wine) I was just happy as a pea in a pod! The headlining band, Cuttin’ Loose, was much more rock & country than my taste, but by then dusk was descending, and possibly everyone in town had arrived and settled in with their chairs and strollers and picnics and Italian ice and neon glowing necklaces, and heat be damned, was having a swell time!

Now, you understand, budget constrictions make for a modest fireworks display but I managed to assemble several rounds into the photo at top. It just supports the theory that sometimes—

Life is . . .  as good as you make it!


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