Desperately Seeking Snow

By: qwerty53

Jan 07 2010

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Focal Length:22mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

Only in Alabama would the possibility of flurries and a one-inch predicted accumulation be so thrilling to so many!

And that this first ‘snow’ of 2010 would coincide with the BIG GAME DAY just affirms more than ever to the majority of Alabamians that God truly is on their side! School can be canceled; the smallest tykes can stay up late for the game!

Yes, I just heard on the midday news an interview with a native blond behind sunglasses out in California for THE GAME say, “Yes, God and Football — that is what Alabama is about!”

Standing next to the warmth of my drying dishwasher, peeling potatoes for soup, you could hear my hoot of laughter out to the street. “It’s now been made official by public announcement,” I thought.

Not that this is news for a Tennessee transplant. No. I began putting two and two together soon after my arrival when, on a autumn Saturday, wearing a bright orange turtleneck and jeans, the woman checking me out at Hobby Lobby, looked me over and proclaimed, “Well, I don’t know I can check you out wearing those colors!”

Geez, I thought, and what does that mean?

Later, I overheard a woman comment at a (tolerably open-minded) church, “you won’t be seeing me for the next few weeks, it’s football season.” (Guess she’s a pro fan, as well.)

At another church gathering I learned quickly that football is an acceptable topic for discussion and prayer in Alabama.

But, after four years rubbing up against avid, devoted fans from every walk of life, I am still amused at amount of energy which is generated on game days. It is palpable in the air.

And tonight, even the tv at our home will be checking in on THE GAME. I enjoy knowing that the outcome has the potential to make many of my new friends SO very happy.

Sad to see that the snowfall today only lasted about 50 minutes thus far. That means I do not have to rush outside in my polar fleece — the same outfit I have now worn three days running — with camera in hand.

The snow I could get rather excited about; it was briefly a very beautiful change in landscape last year. The forecast still looks hopeful for the next 24 hours, so we shall see.

Photos above taken and copyrighted 2009


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