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By: qwerty53

Mar 27 2010

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300S

That’s my horn you are hear/seeing.

I prefer the act of creation over the act of promotion, but tough tiddlywinks, I’m going to stick my neck out and do a little promoting for my current show with Warren Mullins at the Stray Art Salon Gallery. There is still time to see it full size and in person through April 1st.

The opening last Sunday (3/21) was well-attended and since we had gusting wind, rain, a 20 degree drop in temperature and a few moments of sunshine with snow on the way in that four-hour period, I thank everyone who made the effort to come by!

Warren had whipped up some really wicked sangria & some simply lemony lemonade garnished with beautiful fresh fruits. The raspberry rugala, Boursin cheese and caramel-filled chocolates were tasty, too.

The dance theme was Warren’s idea back in January as he was inspired by some salsa dancers he saw in New Orleans to create several new canvases in acrylic and sepia sketches, as well.

As a complement and as a challenge to myself, I worked with the images of dance students from Stevan Grebel Studio.

The original photos documented a recent recital and I used the graceful and disciplined bodies as inspiration in combination with other photographs that added mood, namely an abandoned church building in the Indian Springs area.

Many told me they pass it regularly and have wanted to peek inside, but have never taken time. It is empty and doorless and windowpane-less, and upon entering, I knew it was ‘my kind of place’. Expressing an interior ravaged by time, it obviously receives some care standing adjacent to the Allen Cemetery.

All photographs copyrighted 2010 by Laura Brookhart.


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