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Apr 01 2011

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300S

You may feel like you have really fallen through the rabbit hole upon entering Debra Farley’s booth at Magic City Art Show or Kentuck—her signature silver or patinaed torch work jewelry draws shoppers from afar.

A mannequin torso layered in antique laces, ribbons and an exuberant assortment of jewelry made from a mix of re-claimed baubles, antique beads, baby shoes and old-fashioned keys welcome the viewer and lead the eye from one frivolously fabulous find to the next.

Vintage postcard images (the original inspiration for Farley’s jewelry when she began her business twenty years ago), shards of china, lace, toile, charms, scrabble tiles and Dresden doll heads hang singly or intermingled on ball chain and other types of finishes and links.

“The endless possibilities still sometimes keep me awake at night,” Farley says and notes she keeps a journal to note nighttime epiphanies.

Part of her line comes presented on “antiqued” and stamped label cards and there is a wide assortment of vintage holiday themes—Valentine, St. Paddy’s, Halloween, and Christmas, Santas and snowmen—that can’t help but bring a smile.

If you should be lucky enough to have accumulated old hankies, sepia photos, significant found objects, jewels (real or faux) from elderly relatives, Farley would be the artisan to combine them into a memorable piece(s) of wearable art.

“I have stepped up my one-of-a-kind work in the last year. For example, one woman had locks of hair she wished to preserve; for another I incorporated childhood mementoes including her Girl Scout memorabilia.”

Farley is fortunate to have an aunt in Germany who can excavate and send her Frozen Charlotte dolls and Dresden heads from the original factory grounds to use as the focal anchor in some necklace designs.

Farley also does the St. James Court Show in Louisville and Atlanta’s Yellow Daisy Festival of craft/folk art at Stone Mountain Park. Her husband, Bobby also contributes some of the leather finishing work for the cuff bracelets and vintage belts and he and their daughter, Summer, also travel and assist her.

Locally, you can next see Farley’s work aka The Charming Cherub on April 29-May 1st at the 28th annual Magic City Art Show.


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